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Intrum: Houlihan Lokey and Milbank appointed as new advisors

Intrum AB has announced the appointment of two new advisors, Houlihan Lokey and Milbank, tasked with conducting a detailed analysis of the group’s financial and asset situation aimed at identifying alternative solutions to the current ones and targeted at strengthening the financial profile. Despite the good performance recorded in servicing activities in the fourth quarter of 2023, which saw a high number of new client acquisitions, the Group has been heavily penalized by the stock market. This negative reaction has also been fueled by a recent operation in which Intrum sold a significant portion of its portfolio to a financial vehicle participated by Cerberus. In a matter of weeks, the value of the stock has practically halved. However, CEO Andres Rubio, confident in the company’s results and in the business growth capable of generating substantial cash flows, has great faith in the solutions that the advisors will propose. The goal is also to redefine the capital structure, exploring refinancing options to ensure a more sustainable debt structure in the long term.

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