Securitization of 821.6 million euros guaranteed by German car loans

Mobilize Financial Services Group has announced that it has structured a securitization guaranteed by automotive financing originating from its German branch.

FCT Cars Alliance Auto Loans Germany V 2024-1 issued €800 million of senior notes and €21.6 million of subordinated notes. The rating agencies These securities have a DBRS rating and Moody’s have assigned the following ratings respectively: AAA(sf) / Aaa(sf) and AA(sf) / Aa2(sf)

The Senior tranche has a coupon equal to the 1 month Euribor + 52bps. The subordinated securities, with a weighted average life of 4.64 years, have a coupon equal to the 1 month Euribor + 90bps.

The operation confirms the diversification of the financing sources to which the company has access.

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