AMCO Strengthens Governance and Organization: New Strategies for the Future

The Board of Directors of AMCO-Asset Management Company, chaired by Giuseppe Maresca, has approved a series of significant organizational changes. These modifications mark a crucial transition for AMCO, shifting from a financial to an industrial logic, aimed at responding more effectively to the priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan 2024-2028, published on March 12th.

Evolution of the Organizational Structure

Effective from July 1, 2024, AMCO will adopt a new organizational structure that includes:

Strengthening Business Structures: The structures will be divided into two new Directions: Turnaround & Strategic Financial and NPE & Outsourcing. This change aims at more efficient and specialized credit management, with a clear distinction based on the value threshold of credits.

Appointment of the Deputy General Manager: From August 3, 2024, Katia Mariotti will assume the role of Deputy General Manager, consolidating the supervision of business areas and support functions.

Streamlining Internal Controls: The Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directions will be unified, enhancing the internal control system. Additionally, a new First-Level Centralized Controls Function, led by Manuela Ognissanti, will be introduced for more precise monitoring of credit and real estate management processes.

Establishment of the Capital Management Direction: By August 3, 2024, this new direction will be established to support strategic and financial decisions, with the appointment of the Head of Direction already decided.

 Focus on Competence and Diversity

The appointments and structural changes are guided by solid principles of selection based on professional competence. AMCO has valued internal talent and integrated new managers to strengthen the existing team. Moreover, the new organization promotes diversity and innovation, with an increasing presence of women in managerial positions, thus preparing the company for future challenges.

Effective from July 1, 2024, Francesca Bardazzi will take on the role of Head of HR, Transformation & Internal Communication, while Ornella Desideri will become the new Head of the Compliance and AML Direction.

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