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Perch Group secures two new credit lines for £90 million

Perch Group, one of the leading debt buyers and servicers in the UK, has successfully completed two financing operations totaling £90 million aimed at an ambitious growth project.

The new lines of credit are provided by a new banking consortium led by NatWest, which includes Hampshire Trust Bank, and a significant enhancement of the existing agreement with Quilam Capital, which supported the management buy-out of Perch Group in April 2022.

Mark Pickup, Chief Financial Officer of Perch Group, expressed great satisfaction with this operation, considering it a crucial milestone to strengthen the company’s position in the English debt purchase and management market. The support of financial partners and their endorsement confirms the significant progress since the buy-out.

Perch Group operates throughout the credit cycle through Perch Capital, which acquires the debts, the debt collection agency ACI UK, and the legal firm TM Legal. Furthermore, it recently launched a new service company, Verify.

In the last year, Perch Group has seen a 38% increase in the Gross Book Value (GBV) acquired.

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