A-Zeta S.r.l. Enhances Credit Management Supply Chain Control through the Acquisition of the Legal Branch of Officine CST S.p.A.

Italian Group A-Zeta aquires the Master Legal branch of Officine CST to complete its offer in the entire credit cycle of NPE.

A-Zeta S.r.l., a  italian group  specialized in the “data investigation” sector and an independent full credit servicer operating in the management of distressed debts (NPE across all asset classes (secured & unsecured, individual, corporate, and SMEs) has announced the signing of a significant and strategic agreement for the acquisition of the master legal branch of Officine CST S.p.A.

Officine CST Spa, part of the Cerberus Capital Management group, is a Rome-based company with 20 years of experience focused on managing both performing and non-performing debt  resulting from supplies to Public Administrations, retail and corporate markets, bankruptcy proceedings, and non-performing loans. The acquisition is part of a broader growth strategy for A-Zeta S.r.l., aiming to strengthen its presence in the Italian market by expanding its service offerings in NPE  management. In particular, the agreement involves approximately 50 lawyers from Officine CST S.p.A.’s Master Legal, who will form a new Legal Business Unit in A-Zeta Info&Collection.

This enables the Group to offer the market the entire debt collection process, from commercial information to investigative and subsequent extrajudicial and judicial collection.

This will enhance the core business related to “data,” making the credit management service offering extremely distinctive. As a result of the acquisition, the Group can now count on 200 employees and a network of 150 professionals, projecting A-Zeta S.r.l. towards a turnover of approximately Euro 20 million by the end of 2024.

Antonino Restino, President and Founder of A-Zeta S.r.l.: “Over the years, we have been able to seize market opportunities, combined with experience and tenacity, leading the Group to become one of the major players in the industry today. Thanks to this acquisition, we will now be present in every phase of credit management, not only strengthening ourselves but also having the expertise to continuously improve our already excellent results.”

Carmine Evangelista, CEO of A-Zeta S.r.l.: “The signed agreement is a strategic piece of fundamental importance for the BU A-Zeta Info&Collection to offer and inspire our clients with increasingly customized solutions, built from listening to needs and perfected through skills developed along the entire process, starting from the historical business to which we have now added a significant part.”

Marco Picecchi, Deputy CEO with responsibility for the Credit Management Business Unit of A-Zeta S.r.l.: “The excellence positioning of the acquired business unit has immediately guided us to enhance its distinctive identity already recognized in the market. There will be no upheavals or negative employment impacts, but rather a real synergistic integration aimed at expanding the scope of all our BUs. Each of our clients can benefit from this integration, both for the completeness of the offer and for the speed with which we can strategically activate management levers.”

Paolo Gesa, CEO of Officine CST S.p.A.: “For Officine CST, the operation fits into the focus on more ‘core’ activities, particularly completing the transformation process from a pure servicer to an investment boutique, specializing in credits towards Public Administration, bankruptcy proceedings, and tax credits. We will continue to offer the market the servicing of credits towards the PA, a highly specialized activity that has characterized us for twenty years.”

About A-Zeta S.r.l. A-Zeta S.r.l. is an independent group founded in 1974, currently employing approximately 200 people, with a turnover of 14 million euros and offices in Naples, Milan, Rome, and Trieste. Specializing in credit management and recovery, A-Zeta S.r.l. covers segments of distressed credits in various business areas such as infoproviding, credit collection, and special servicer, alongside its historical activities in investigations and security. Since May 7, 2014, it has been part of the 197 excellent Italian companies chosen by Borsa Italiana and admitted to the Elite program.


Roberto Sergio

Managing Director of Credit Village, Roberto Sergio has more than 20 years of experience in NPL and distressed debt in the Italian and International market. He is the editor of the NPL column in Credit Village Magazine and the director of Credit Village's National NPL Market Observatory.

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