Experian and Sonobi: a new collaboration to increase addressability and targeting of advertising in the post-cookies era

Sonobi, a Californian company specialized in customized solutions in the digital advertising , has announced its collaboration with Experian, a known info provider, to increase the targeting of online advertising.

According to the joint press release, thanks to this new partnership, significant results were achieved: Sonobi increased its reach across the web mobile by 25% and the value of impressions by 20%.

Following recent changes in the management of cookies, new solutions have become necessary in the field of online advertising that respect the latest Google indications relating to the privacy of users.

To continue creating successful advertising campaigns, therefore, companies operating in digital advertising must move quickly to ensure they reach the target audience even without third-party cookies.

It is  becoming essential to use different targeting systems such as the identity graph provided by Experian. This is a database of approximately over 2.75 billion IDs and an average of over 22 digital IDs per household.

Justin Kennedy, COO of Sonobi said “Collaborating with Experian and integrating their identity graph is crucial progress towards a post-cookie era, where targeted and effective advertising can thrive while protecting user privacy. This collaboration enhances our programmatic addressability and demonstrates our commitment to delivering better, more respectful advertising experiences . By leveraging Experian’s innovative technology, we are proud to contribute to a fair and equitable media marketplace that benefits both our clients and the industry as a whole.”

Similar collaborations mark a new era in the field of digital advertising and targeted campaigns in the post-cookie epoch.

We are looking for effective marketing solutions, but privacy compliant and oriented to a better online user experience.

Chris Feo, SVP of Sales and Partnerships at Experian declared “It is noteworthy to observe the progress of Sonobi as they explore new possibilities using our identity graph.  “Their success highlights the effectiveness of strategic collaboration in addressing the needs of advertisers in a post-cookie era, with an emphasis on user privacy. We are supportive of Sonobi’s efforts to enhance the open internet and the landscape of programmatic advertising.”


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