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Hoist Finance has issued bonds at a margin of 3.75%

Hoist Finance announced through a press release that it has issued senior unsecured bonds in SEK with a tenor of 3.25 years and a variable interest rate of STIBOR 3m + 375 bps. The volume of this issue amounted to 200 million SEK.

Harry Vranjes CEO of Hoist Finance declares “The margin of 375 bps for a 3.25 year tenor is a strong improvement compared to the SEK bond issues of 500 bps for 3.0 year tenors during 2023 when we re-entered the SEK bond market. We see this as a strong testimony of solid investor trust as well as a result of Moody’s Investors Service affirming Hoist Finance Baa3 rating with the outlook changed to positive from negative in November 2023 “.

The proceeds from the issuance of the bonds will be used for general corporate purposes. The financial products will be listed on the regulated Irish Stock Exchange plc, known as Euronext Dublin.

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