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B2 impact has decided to suspend the buy-back program

B2 Impact has put an end to the currently ongoing share buy- back program.

The Board of the company considered that the share buy-back is positive for shareholders, but at the same time drew attention to the potentially negative aspect, namely the influence of the reduction of tradable shares in combination with a limited free float on the share trading activities.

The Board will evaluate whether to resume the purchase of its own shares in the future and any decision will be promptly communicated to the market, according to statements via a press release.

The remaining share buy-back authority granted by the general meeting in May 2023 is 5.65 million shares or 31 million Norwegian kroner. In the current share buyback program, the Company acquired 19,348,672 shares representing 4.99% of the outstanding shares for a total consideration of NOK 131.7 million, corresponding to an average price per share of 6, 81 NOK.

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