Bill Phelan, co-founder of PayNet and vice president of Equifax announces his retirement from the company

William Phelan, co-founder of PayNet and current senior vice president and general manager of Equifax, announced that he plans to retire from the company to “pursue new business ventures,” according to a post on LinkedIn.

In his post Phelan declared “I am grateful for the collaboration with clients and colleagues who have taught me so much about how to make business a win-win. I wish my former clients and colleagues continued success, I am confident that Equifax will continue its leadership in data and analytics and am excited to work on future opportunities.”

Phelan began his career in various roles in financial consulting, bond sales and investment management for companies such as IBM, EY and Trustmark.
Phelan co-founded PayNet with Dan Michalek in 1999 and led the company as president until it was acquired by Equifax in April 2019. Since then, approximately 5 years, he has worked with Equifax as senior vice president and general manager.

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