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Pagaya Techologies closes a new ABS

Pagaya Technologies LTD. has announced the closing of PAID 2023-6, its 43rd asset-backed securitization (ABS), and its 11th in 2023.

Investors purchased $594 million in notes, which will be backed by personal loans originated by consumer loan providers within Pagaya’s network. The company operates with a fully pre-funded model, meaning that capital is raised before Pagaya’s partners originate loans.

Currently, Pagaya is the leading issuer of personal loan ABS transactions in the United States.

Pagaya is a global company utilizing artificial intelligence to provide financial solutions in the personal loan and residential real estate sectors.

The company is committed to making financial products and services accessible to a broader audience, reshaping the financial services ecosystem by leveraging machine learning, an extensive data network, and an AI-driven approach. Pagaya offers comprehensive consumer credit and residential real estate solutions to its partners, their customers, and investors.

Additionally, Pagaya offers a proprietary API and capital solutions that seamlessly integrate into its partner network, delivering a smooth user experience and greater access to the traditional economy. The company has offices in New York and Tel Aviv.

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