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AnaCap-backed Orbyt Announces Acquisition of Telia’s Finnish eInvoice Operations

AnaCap, a leading partner for founders and management teams in the European financial ecosystem, specializing in services, technology, and software, has announced today that its portfolio company, Orbyt, a prominent provider of Office of the CFO software for accounts receivable automation and integrated payments, has completed the acquisition of Telia’s Finnish operations dedicated to providing eInvoice services (“Telia Talous”). This strategic acquisition reinforces Orbyt’s position as a frontrunner in the Finnish market.

Orbyt’s platform is customized to meet the requirements of major enterprise invoice senders and a wide distribution partner network. It primarily caters to specific key verticals characterized by substantial customer bases and recurring digital invoicing needs, including financial services, debt collection, telecom, utilities, insurers, and the public sector.

Orbyt plays a pivotal role in driving digitalization, optimizing clients’ cash flows, and providing tangible support to its client base, facilitating the achievement of ESG targets, including the reduction of their carbon footprints by minimizing the use of printed papers on a daily basis. Furthermore, Orbyt also assists customers in their preferred payment channels by offering a uniquely advanced invoicing experience.

This investment and business integration mark a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory, aimed at accelerating the provision of Office of the CFO digitization solutions for enterprises, while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience for both consumer and business billing activities. By partnering with Telia Talous, Orbyt gains access to a wealth of expertise and resources, paving the way for the development of new service offerings and a stronger emphasis on its suite of technological innovations.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

Market Leadership in Finland: Orbyt’s acquisition of Telia Talous solidifies its position as the foremost provider of eInvoice services in the Finnish market. The combined expertise of both entities is expected to drive growth and foster innovation within the industry.

Customer-Centric Approach: This acquisition will enable the company to offer enhanced capabilities and improved services, thereby elevating the overall customer experience. Through the integration of Telia’s customers onto the Orbyt platform, customers will gain access to new and innovative invoicing and payment features specifically tailored to the Finnish market, alongside increased agility and a quicker pace of innovation.

Expertise and Reliability: Orbyt’s reputation as an expert and reliable partner in the field of eInvoice services is further reinforced through this acquisition.

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